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Update screwed up SandboxieSandboxie no longer works correctly. Ссылка на подробности right-click every device and select Update driver. Email or Twitter DMs for tips. Windows finally has reached its most bug-free state. She’s passionate about helping people solve their day-to-day tech issues with how-tos and tutorials. No jargon.

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Via is a technical writer for Driver Easy and an avid reader in daily life. She got her start as a professional writer at the beginning of , writing about technology and artists, then her enthusiasm for technical and intellectual stuff brought her to Driver Easy.

She’s passionate about helping people solve their day-to-day tech issues with how-tos and tutorials. To install Driver Easy Click. Via Kuang Last Updated: 6 months ago. Unplug any external hardware devices such as headphones, printers, scanners, and speakers 3. Disable or uninstall non-Microsoft antivirus software temporarily 4. Disable VPN temporarily. Note down : 1. System Type xbased, for example 2.

In April, also due to the pandemic, Microsoft extended support for Windows 10 version from May 12, to November 10, On Friday, Microsoft published a reminder about Windows 10 version ‘s end of support on December 8.

We recommend that you update these devices to a supported version as soon as possible to continue to receive monthly quality updates with security and non-security fixes. SEE: Seven Windows 10 annoyances and how to fix them. When last month it released Windows 10 20H2, also known as the Windows 10 October Update , Microsoft made it available to ‘seekers’ on Windows 10 version or later.

But assuming Microsoft resumes automatic upgrades six months ahead of end of service, users on version could expect to see a forced upgrade again in the not too distant future given that version reaches end of support in May next year. You are in much the same position as someone who is still running an up-to-date version of Windows 7, having skipped later releases. The main differences are that the timescales are much shorter and the upgrades are now free. Microsoft would like everyone to be on the same version of Windows, and it would not be economic to support 10 or 20 different versions.

It is therefore using the end of support — and the end of security fixes — to push users into updating their systems, even though the Windows 10 Enterprise version of will be supported for another year until 10 November These PCs are less of a burden because large organisations use tools such as WSUS to update thousands of PCs, rather than each one downloading the code separately.

With WaaS, not everybody gets the code at the same time, as you might expect. Instead, the task of updating more than m PCs is spread over many months. Most people just ignore new versions until they are reminded to install them, or — if they really are not paying attention — the installation is practically under way. If you upgrade to version now, you will get a version that has had months of testing, and that has already been installed on hundreds of millions of PCs.

Also, it will be a bigger leap from , and big leaps are inherently riskier than small ones. The mass upgrade process depends on a lot of machine learning based on feedback from telemetry. The PCs that seem easiest to upgrade correctly are offered updates before the ones that look trickier. Desktop Central supports the deployment of feature packs for multiple languages. For Patch Manager Plus build version For Patch Manager Plus build version below Patch Manager Plus supports the deployment of feature packs for multiple languages.

Manual deployment of Windows 10 update. In the server web console, navigate to Missing Patches view. Choose the Windows 10 feature pack patches you wish to deploy. Automated Deployment of Windows 10 update. To create an APD task for deploying feature packs, make sure to select the feature pack check box while defining the patch task.

Once the dependency patch is downloaded and stored in the Patch Store, “Feature Packs” will be successfully deployed to the target computers during the subsequent deployment window.


Windows Microsoft starts forcing Windows 10 PCs up to version , not 20H2 | ZDNet – How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise


Microsoft will soon start force upgrading Windows 10 to Windows 10 to keep them protected from security threats after this Windows version reaches its end of service next month. Microsoft stops offering technical support, bug and security fixes for newly discovered issues and vulnerabilities for all products that reach their end of service. Clients who still use such software are recommended to upgrade as soon as possible to the latest product versions to keep their systems secure from attacks and bug-free.

After that date, computers running editions of Windows that are no longer serviced will no longer receive quality or security updates with protections from the latest security threats. The end of service message applies to these editions of Windows 10 released in May of Microsoft says on the Message Center and the Health Dashboard that devices running any edition of Windows 10, version version will be forced upgraded to Windows 10 To keep you protected and productive, we will soon begin updating devices running Windows 10, version to Windows 10, version ,” the company explains.

However, using this upgrade pathway, means that Microsoft’s customers will have to go through two forced OS upgrades within a year. More to the point, if Redmond updates all devices to , they will once again need to be force upgraded to Windows 10 five months later, in May , when Windows 10 reaches its end of support.

Windows 10 users can also upgrade their devices to Windows 10 20H2 aka the October Update manually by check for updates via the Windows Update. However, the devices will need to have the Windows 10 Servicing Stack Update and KB or later installed before upgrading.

Microsoft is also throttling Windows 10 20H2 availability to provide all users with a positive experience while upgrading their systems. Microsoft: Windows Server 20H2 reaches end of service in August.

Microsoft: Windows 10 20H2 has reached end of service. Internet Explorer almost breathes its final byte on Wednesday. Microsoft: Windows Autopatch now available for public preview. Microsoft emergency updates fix Windows AD authentication issues.

Wait, Windows 11? You sure you didn’t mean Windows 10? Bug free? This made my day. Seems kinda reversed. The last update of a version before it’s sunsetted is probably the least bug-riddled iteration of that version, whilst each new one has more which get ironed out slowly over time.

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