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このリリースの変更点は Google Chrome で twitter. com を閲覧する場合に起きるクラッシュに対応する修正です。 このリリースの変更点は32ビット版 Mozilla Firefox のクラッシュに関する重要な不具合修正です。 このリリースのハイライトは、Kindle for PC でのテーブルへの対応、HumanWare BrailleNote Touch および BI14 点字ディスプレイへの対応、OneCore および SAPI5 音声エンジンへの対応の改善、 Microsoft Outlook 対応の改善などです。.

このリリースでは Windows 10 Redstone 4 バージョン における OneCore 音声合成エンジンのドライバーの不具合を修正しました。 このリリースのハイライトは、Microsoft Word と PowerPoint におけるグラフの操作、Eurobraille 点字ディスプレイや Optelec プロトコルコンバーターへの対応、HIMS や Optelec の点字ディスプレイ対応の改善、Mozilla Firefox 58 以降への対応の改善などです。.

このリリースのハイライトは、Web のダイアログでブラウズモードをデフォルトにするなどの Web 関連のバグ修正や改善、ブラウズモードにおけるフィールドグループのラベルの報告の改善、Windows Defender Application Guard や Windows 10 on ARM64 など新しい Windows 10 関連技術への対応、画面の向きやバッテリー残量を自動的に報告する機能などです。 このバージョンから NVDA は Windows XP と Vista では使用できません。NVDA は Windows 7 SP1 以降に対応します。.

このリリースのハイライトは、縮約点字での文字入力への対応、Windows 10 で利用可能な OneCore 音声エンジンへの対応、Windows 10 文字認識への対応、点字および Web に関する改善です。. このリリースのハイライトは、Windows 10 Creators Update における「音のダッキング」対応の改善、ブラウズモードにおける選択操作 「すべて選択」を含む の不具合修正、Microsoft Edge ブラウザ対応の改善、Web閲覧における現在の選択の属性 aria-current への対応の改善です。.

このリリースのハイライトは、Microsoft Wordにおけるセクションと段組の通知、Kindle for PCでの本の読み上げとナビゲーションおよび引用、Microsoft Edgeのサポートの改良などです。. このリリースのハイライトは、アドオンを個別に無効化できる機能、Microsoft Excel におけるフォームフィールドへの対応、色の報告に関する改善、一部の点字ディスプレイへの対応の改善、Microsoft Word 対応に関する改良と修正です。.

このリリースのハイライトは、NVDA 以外の音量を低くする機能、点字出力および点字ディスプレイ対応の改良、Microsoft Office 対応の改良、iTunes でのブラウズモードの改良などです。. このリリースのハイライトは、Windows 10 対応の改良、Windows 8 以降の「コンピューターの簡単操作センター」への対応、Microsoft Excel 対応の改良 シートの一覧と名前変更、保護されたワークシートのセルの参照 、Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Mozilla Thunderbird におけるリッチテキスト編集への対応などです。. このリリースのハイライトは、初めての Windows 10 への対応、ブラウズモードで1文字ナビゲーションを無効にできる機能 ウェブアプリで便利な場合があります 、Internet Explorer 対応の改善、特定のアプリで点字を有効にした場合にタイピングで不適切な入力が発生する問題の修正などです。.

このリリースのハイライトは、 Microsoft Word および Outlook のドキュメントでのブラウズモード、Skype Windows デスクトップ版 および Microsoft Internet Explorer への対応の強化です。. このリリースの主な更新内容は、直観的で一貫性のあるラップトップ配列の採用、Microsoft PowerPointへの対応、ウェブブラウザーでの詳細説明 longdesc への対応、点字ディスプレイの文字入力用キーへの対応などです。. 特に、オブジェクトナビゲーション、文字レビュー、マウスクリック、簡単音声設定の操作はすべて変更されました。 詳しくは コマンドクイックリファレンス をお読みください。. このリリースのハイライトは、アジア言語の文字入力サポート、Windows 8 タッチ画面の実験的サポート、Adobe Readerにおけるページ番号の通知や表のサポートの改善、フォーカスされたテーブルの列および Windows リストビューコントロールでのテーブルナビゲーション対応、点字ディスプレイ対応の追加、Microsoft Excelの列見出しと行見出しの通知です。.

このリリースにおけるハイライトには、インストーラーとポータブル版作成機能の搭載、自動アップデート、アドオンを簡単に管理できる機能、Microsoft Word におけるグラフィックスの通知機能、Windows 8 メトロ形式アプリケーションのサポート、いくつかの重要なバグ修正を含んでいます。. このリリースにおけるハイライトには、適切な言語設定が行われているドキュメントを読み上げる際に自動的に言語を切り替える機能、64ビット版Java Runtime Environmentsのサポート、Mozillaアプリケーションのブラウズモードにおける書式情報の通知、アプリケーションのフリーズやクラッシュへのより良い対応及びWindows 8への初期対応が含まれています。.

Highlights of this release include automatic reporting of new text output in mIRC, PuTTY, Tera Term and SecureCRT; support for global plugins; announcement of bullets and numbering in Microsoft Word; additional key bindings for braille displays, including keys to move to the next and previous line; support for several Baum, HumanWare and APH braille displays; and reporting of colors for some controls, including IBM Lotus Symphony text controls.

A link to this Chrome extension is provided in Article 11 of the Web of Data. IPFS is software that is not provided by Packet Moon, and it is not affiliated with them in any way. Packet Moon has applied to become an official Packet Owner, but the community consensus currently align with the IPFS addon. Things can get complicated and difficult if the process involves redesigning textures for a project. Its interface is simple to use and performance is excellent.

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These changes are detailed below. Windows Mobile 6. Mobile Office enabled document editing and editing support. JPEG-capable camera, with manual settings to bring out the best in pictures. Another correction for version 1. There was a problem in converting string constants to integers. We should note a couple of things. That way, once users know if and where the tool is situated, they can decide whether this is exactly what they need.

The filter can be saved to disk, we also included three configurable presets out of the box, and you can load more of your own presets. When loading presets, you can use the integrated convenient pattern explorer to browse your presets and apply them. This lightweight utility will be a safe option with complex multiple settings, but could be vulnerable if left unchecked. Clipboard Protection.

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Microsoft outlook 2016 hidden features free download. 舞妓体験 京都 ぎをん彩


Autodiscover is the feature that Outlook uses to obtain configuration information for servers to which it connects. In Outlook with Exchange servers, Autodiscover is considered the single point of truth for configuration information and must be configured and working correctly for Outlook to be fully functional. This article describes the implementation of Autodiscover in the current channel Click-to-Run release of Outlook For more information about the Office client channel releases, see the following Microsoft websites:.

Version and build numbers of update channel releases for Office clients. Office client update channel releases. If this process is successful, another try is made one hour later. If the attempt isn’t successful, the next try is made 5 minutes later.

Each attempt can potentially be staggered by as much as 25 percent because of the background task infrastructure used by all Microsoft Office applications. In response to certain connectivity failures. In various scenarios, when a connection attempt fails, Outlook starts an Autodiscover task to retrieve new settings in any attempt to correct the connection problem. When another application invokes it by using MAPI.

On a domain-joined computer, Outlook needs to know the UPN for a user in order to initiate the Autodiscover process. In order to get the UPN, Outlook must first look the user up in the directory. Outlook will request that this lookup should chase referrals. In complex environments, this may cause a large number of DCs to be contacted before a result is found. After Outlook discovers the UPN for the user, the value is cached in the profile, and the lookup should not happen again for this user.

In the context of the Autodiscover feature in Outlook, this feature set includes policy settings and behavior that ensures the service endpoints used for Autodiscover adhere to sovereign cloud requirements. Specifically, in the Office specific steps that are listed in Autodiscover process step 4 and step 11 , policy control is available to ensure that appropriate service endpoints are used during the Autodiscover process.

Autodiscover process Every time that Outlook needs Autodiscover information, it uses a set of ordered steps to try to retrieve an XML payload that contains configuration settings. In some cases, such as when you add a second account while Outlook is running, the Autodiscover payload is cached to a local file to be used during a restart of the Outlook client.

This is a rare case and typically not the cause of generic Autodiscover issues. For this step, if Outlook decides you are in this special boot scenario and the attempt to retrieve the Autodiscover XML data fails, the whole Autodiscover attempt fails.

No additional steps are attempted. If the administrator has deployed this registry value and seeded an autodiscover. This again is an uncommon case and typically not the cause of generic Autodiscover issues. If this step does not retrieve a payload, Outlook moves to step 3.

However, it is still relevant for later versions of Outlook. When Autodiscover retrieves an XML payload successfully through any step, the payload may be cached locally as the “last known good” configuration. The first commonly successfully method to get an Autodiscover payload is from this last known good file. The path of the last known good XML file comes from the Outlook profile. The LKG step is only used for discovering the primary mailbox configuration.

If the Autodiscover lookup is for a non-primary mailbox alternate, delegate, public folder, group mailbox, and so on , then the LKG step is automatically skipped.

If this step does not retrieve a payload, Outlook moves to step 4. Outlook uses a set of heuristics to determine whether the provided user account comes from Office If this step does not retrieve a payload, Outlook moves to Step 5.

The policy control value for this step is as follows:. By default, Outlook queries the known endpoint to retrieve the Autodiscover payload.

The existing policy to bypass this step is still valid and can be used to go to Step 5 without trying the endpoint. Alternatively, there’s a new policy that directs Outlook to query a central Office Config Service to retrieve appropriate URLs from which to retrieve the Autodiscover payload. Conceptually, the process works as follows:. Note: As of build If this step does not retrieve a payload, Outlook moves to step 6. The policy control value for this step is as follows: ExcludeScpLookup.

Because many root domains aren’t configured for Autodiscover, Outlook purposefully silences any certificate errors that occur during the attempted retrieval. If this step does not retrieve a payload, Outlook moves to step 7. The policy control value for this step is as follows: ExcludeHttpsRootDomain. Because this is the primary URL typically for Autodiscover data, Outlook does not silence any certificate errors that occur during the attempted retrieval.

If this step does not retrieve a payload, Outlook moves to step 8. In step 2, Outlook checked whether the administrator had deployed a policy to specifically check for the Autodiscover payload as a preference. If there’s no policy in place, but the previous steps didn’t retrieve a payload, Outlook now attempts to retrieve a payload from the local file even without the PreferLocalXML setting in place.

If this step does not retrieve a payload, Outlook moves to step 9. There’s no policy control for this step. If an actual Autodiscover XML payload is returned and not a redirect, Outlook ignores the actual Autodiscover XML response because it was retrieved without security http.

Outlook will also perform certificate checks to prevent redirection to potentially harmful URLs in this step. If this step does not retrieve a payload, Outlook moves to step The policy control value for this step is as follows: ExcludeHttpRedirect.

Outlook then tries to retrieve the payload from that URL. The policy control value for this step is as follows: ExcludeSrvRecord.

If all the previous steps didn’t return a payload, Outlook uses a less restrictive set of heuristics to decide whether a final attempt to the O endpoints are potentially helpful. If outlook decides that an attempt is worthwhile, it tries the known O Autodiscover endpoints in case the account is an O account. This attempt uses the same target URLs as step 4, and differs only in the fact that it’s tried as a last resort and not earlier in the Autodiscover process.

The policy control value for this step is as follows: ExcludeExplicitOEndpoint. If Outlook gets to this step and hasn’t successfully retrieved an Autodiscover payload, two tests are performed to see whether the well-known Office endpoints should be attempted. First, if the mailbox is a consumer account for example outlook. Second, if the mailbox is determined to belong to a domain that doesn’t have ITAR requirements, the well-known endpoint is attempted.

If the mailbox is determined to be commercial and belong to a domain that has ITAR requirements, no attempt is made to the well-known Office endpoints. In future releases, step 11 may move to the same logic as step 4 and call the Office Config Service. When that change is made, this article will be updated to reflect the new process step. Redirect handling Step 9 in the Autodiscover Process section is an explicit step to handle nonsecure redirect data.

In any of the other secure steps, for any attempt to retrieve the Autodiscover XML payload, one possible response from the endpoint is a redirection response. This response tells Outlook to redirect to a new, different URL to try to retrieve the payload.

Additionally, the redirection data may contain a new, different email address to use as the target address for the Autodiscover attempt. Nonsecure http URLs aren’t attempted. Additionally, even if the protocol in the new URL is https, Outlook will check certificate information to provide an additional measure of security.

For case 3, Outlook starts the whole autodiscover process from the beginning. If all steps are tried without any success using the new email address, then Outlook returns to the original email address, moves to step 5, and continues the attempt to retrieve an XML payload with the original address.

Exceptions The steps in the Autodiscover Process section are the general rules for how Outlook tries to obtain the autodiscover payload. There are various optimizations and exceptional attempts that may change the process slightly. For example, when doing a new account creation, Outlook internally skips the step 3 check for Last Known Good LKG data , because it cannot yet have a last known good entry.

Similarly, if an attempt was triggered because of an error by using the current configuration information, then Outlook purposefully wants to autodiscover again and not use the LKG information because presumably the last known good information resulted in a failure.

Policy control The policy values that are defined the Autodiscover Process section can be either policy-based registry values or non—policy-based values. When they are deployed through GPO, or manual configuration of the policies key, the settings take precedence over the non-policy key.

The PreferLocalXML differs from the other control values as a setting of 1 sets Outlook to turn on that step in the process. For the remaining values, a setting of 1 tells outlook to turn off or skip the associated step. For example, setting the value ExcludeHttpsRootDomain to 1 sets Outlook not to perform step 6 in the process. Outlook provides several additional registry-based configuration options that might affect the Autodiscover process:.

This potentially allows an HTTP request that cannot be reached to time out faster, which will improve overall performance. The settings could also allow an HTTP request that takes longer than the default of 25 seconds to succeed by increasing the time-out setting to something larger than 25 seconds. Information: This value isn’t located under the Autodiscover key. The default in Outlook isn’t to have this protocol disabled.

Legacy Authentication Negotiation Control. Information: Note this value isn’t under the Autodiscover key. This setting controls whether an authentication negotiation header is added to http requests.

The contents of the header depend on the authentication capabilities of the client computer. This registry value and the header that it adds are rarely used in any modern authentication stack and very unlikely to affect the tAodiscover process in either a negative or positive way.

Certificate Error Handling. Information: This value controls how Outlook handles certificate errors and warnings that are received when it performs http tasks. Outlook may override this setting in some cases step 6 in the Autodiscover Process section , but for the general case, if this setting is enabled, Outlook will prompt with a security dialog that displays the certificate error or warning and allow the user to OK or Cancel the Http request.


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